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Detailed Statistics from the 'Get Data Out' programme > Haematological malignancies

You can download all the latest Get Data Out data we have published for this tumour group as a single file here:


To understand more about the Get Data Out data, read our guide for first time users.

Explore the tree below to understand how patients with haematological malignancies have been divided into groups. Click on the circles to expand the branches of the tree. You can also drag the tree and zoom in and out. The numbers inside the circles represent the number of patients within the group. The tree only displays incidence counts, please download the data above to view all available statistics on this tumour group.

For a more detailed description of this grouping, please click here.

For more technical detail about the data, and to see individual releases including historical data and data for other tumour groups, please visit our technical page.

Click here for the Get Data Out homepage.